Automation Testing

Automation Software Testing Services is destined to reduce manual efforts and repetitive works with us you can


  • Increase the efficiency & effectiveness of the application
  • Reduce costs
  • Replicate testing across different platforms
  • Execute different complex test cases and achieve expected quality
  • Achieve Consistent and Accurate results
  • Reuse test scripts
  • Minimize Manual Intervention


Automated Software Testing

Automation testing using software is becoming vital with rising complexity of software applications and subsequent test maintenance needs in quick turnaround times. Automated software testing is done with the objective to resolve any defects before they reach production. Use of automation technology all through software testing lifecycle enables the team to test faster, increases test accuracy and productivity.


The Quality Assurance team at Esar Infotech has immense domain expertise in automated software testing. By providing a suite of tests using an automated test tool, we boost client satisfaction and help minimize time to market. With reliable tools we carry out the test case suite repeatedly when the software is changed or it is being developed. Our Automation testers try various input scenarios and compare test results with expected behaviours. We ensure that our managed processes facilitate the client to work seamlessly with new products and services. Test Automation helped us massively to meet customer demands.


Our Test Automation services includes

  • Selection of suitable test tools
  • Identification of test scenarios which are to be automated
  • Setting up Test environment for Automation
  • Test browser compatibility and system functionality
  • Testing of software on different platforms with various configurations
  • Generation of Automation Test Report
  • Test Script Maintenance


The most known benefits of an automated testing process is test quality, test effort reduction and defects reduction.


We have the experience of working on more challenging and rewarding projects. If you need our premium Quality service, outsource your software testing projects & free up your team so as to focus on other tests that require manual attention.

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