Custom ERP Development

We provide custom ERP development that help companies automate, plan, collaborate, and execute their business requirements.


  • Excellent team for custom ERP development, in all phases of the ERP life cycle to improve operational efficiency
  • Cost-efficient alternative to your current manual procedures or software applications
  • Leverage an integrated design-build-run model to streamline implementation and provide supplemental support
  • Centralized access to all information helps in better decision-making process


Businesses all around the world are increasing their reliance on ERP programs as a cost-efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their software applications. However, current ERP programs suffer from a number of shortcomings which make it especially difficult for the small / mid-size organization to enjoy the tremendous benefits of ERP.


We offer services in all phases of the ERP life cycle. As an example, we can assist with your ERP Strategy, Package Selection, Implementation as well as ERP Outsourcing and Production Support. We are there with our clients from the point the decision is made to implement a Custom ERP Solution through the implementation and support phases of the life cycle.


ERP Solutions for Retail Industry

Retail Industry ERP

EGH Retail Industry ERP is a web-based integrated end-to-end software solution for Retail Industry. This application includes modules from purchase, inventory, production, outsourcing, packing and billing and many more.

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