Rabbit Details

Core Purpose : To make Tomorrow’s Technology Today For The Betterment Of Human Life. Also records conversation of staff members confidentially. Know what your staff is thinking and talking about you and your company. Very powerful and useful feature. This software works 100 % confidentially and silently.Starts working at system boot in background and without informing people working on computers. Your staff members will never come to know that Rabbit is installed and watching and recording Even computer experts or hackers or maintenance people can not find threads of this software. Blocks and allows desired websites and webpages. Stop your staff members watching websites like twitter, facebook, orkut, monster, naukari. Block websites using keywords like porn, adult, cricket, chat, games, gambling, sports, friends, girls. Rabbit locks and restricts software applications, programs, all major and minor options of Ms-Windows, system tools, internet, e-mails as and when required. Works for both, domain & workgroup (peer-to-peer), type networks. No dedicated server or computer required. You can make server to any computer or your personal laptop. Fully compatible with diskless client systems(thin clients) and any version of Microsoft Windows. Increase your business productivity and efficiency. Stop your staff doing personal work in office hours. Rabbit software has the ability to create recordings of all on-going activities in real time. It helps employers to keep an eye on internet and PC activities. Rabbit is a result oriented and cost effective employee monitoring software that allows company administrators to monitor and supervise their employees’ PC from a central location. It is an affordable and best way to boost the employees’ productivity in an organization. Offline and online recordings are created with this software. Offline recording is useful when the monitoring server is either closed or you are not present to monitor or track activities. Rabbit improves the employees’ productivity and decreases the possibility of security breaches. But, hard evidence is vital to identify and prove the disloyal employees. Rabbit is designed to save all the monitored activities for future references. It is beneficial in situation of employee disloyalty where saved activities act as prove evidence for any legal proceedings. It also creates offline logs when you are not present to monitor them.


  • All Snapshots email or store
  • Key pressed
  • Voice file
  • Software used (old/new)
  • Websites Visited
  • CD/DVD Watched
  • Activity Video
  • Lock and Restrictions in this system
  • Block/Restrict websites & email IDs
  • Unauthorized words used

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP3 or later.
  • Minimum 512 MB of RAM.
  • Minimum 250 MB of free disk space.

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